Bob Lyksett Fine Art Photography

Fine Art Photography designed for your home and office

     I have selected these photographs specifically to enhance the interior themes of your home or office. I'm sure you will find a number of prints that lend to the taste and comfort of your specific interior needs. These photographs will complement the interior of any paint scheme, period design or floor plan.

     Printed on archival canvas, sealed back and the image wrapped around all four edges, these photographs are durable and will withstand sunlight from your large living room windows for many, many years! 

       I am the owner of the Stillwater Art Gallery in Stillwater, Minnesota. More of my work can be seen in the gallery at 402 N. Main Street Stillwater, Minnesota 55082

Please contact me at;



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     I try to maintain a consistent price list for you to look at, but due to the current situation related to the virus, my ability to quickly ship and obtain some products is slow at this time. I always pass on any savings to my clients so they can enjoy a quality product at a reasonable price! Please contact me with any questions you might have.  

801-718-1906 (call or text message)

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            Hanging your Fine Art

    After purchasing your art you may need some help placing it on the wall. Sometimes a set of eyes that are a custom to design and positioning can be a great help. Sometimes you just don’t want to be bothered with buying the specific hardware or you’re not sure of what is the appropriate or safest hardware necessary is to properly hang your investment. 

    I have created such a service to help my clients whether you have purchased my Fine Art or someone else. I charge between $50 and $100 per visit, depending on the complexity of the project. Most projects only take an hour or so and having the piece of mine that your art is secure is worth it.