Bob Lyksett Fine Art Photography

Fine Art Photography designed for your home and office

     I have selected these photographs specifically to enhance the interior themes of your home or office. I'm sure you will find a number of prints that lend to the taste and comfort of your specific interior needs. These photographs will complement the interior of any paint scheme, period design or floor plan.

     Printed on archival canvas, sealed back and the image wrapped around all four edges, these photographs are durable and will withstand sunlight from your large living room windows for many, many years! 

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Pricing and Services


        All of my art is Gallery Wrapped around the frame and has tight folded corners which accentuates  the quality and appearance of my work. This standard of quality will be apparent to both you and your guests as they admire your decor. Archival canvas and ink are used in the printing process to assure the longevity of my art for many, many years.


Pricing does include shipping costs, but does not include tax. I guarantee the quality of the prints you select but have a 15% of cost return policy.  

Planning, Designing and Hanging

     If you need suggestions, or would like me to talk to your designer I am more than happy to assist you. If you live within a 30 mile radius of Stillwater, Minnesota I can travel to your location and discuss your needs or hang the art work you have purchased from me. 

    Hanging your art work in your home or office would be a minimal charge.